About & Contact

Hi, I’m Rushaa (pronounced Russia)!

I’m a writer-for-hire located between London, UK and Maastricht, NL. I work on both personal essays and more analytical pieces about politics, culture and society, some for this blog and some for other publications.

Currently I am working on my MA in Politics and Society at Maastricht University, with a focus on how political rhetoric shapes conceptions of Western European Muslim diaspora. I hold a B.A in Politics from SOAS, University of London where I centred my studies on Politics of the Middle East, Africa, and the role of religion and ethnicity (especially that of Islam) within governments, conflict, and communities.

Contact me for commissions or just to say hello!: rushaahamid@gmail.com // @thesecondrussia

Areas of Interest Include:

  • Gender, sexuality, and moments when they overlap with other minority groups
  • Ethnic and cultural identities (including race/religion and their varied modern manifestations, with particular focus on Islam)
  • Explaining and dismantling political theory using examples or thought experiments that are perhaps a bit too weird.

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