Hello, I’m Rushaa (pronounced like Russia),

I’m an occasional culture and politics writer, based in London, UK. My interests centre on identity tensions. In particular I look at race, religion, nationalism, gender, queerness, and how they all interact with each other.

I also write about vitiligo and the politics of beauty, and often delve into many other varied topics on my blog. You can find my bylines at Dazed, Buzzfeed, and The Independent amongst other sites.

In 2017 I graduated cum laude from Maastricht University with an M.A. Politics & Society, having focused on European identities. My thesis developed from in-depth interviews I conducted with queer British Muslims on the construction of their self-identity in relation to post-9/11 political and media views of Islam in the UK.

Currently I am working on two ventures. The first is a collaborative art project titled ‘How White Are You?’ exploring white-passing and light-skinned identity. The second is an essay collection on the legal, social, and political contradictions of identities in a global context.